Information Technology / Inligtingstegnologie
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SHS is trots om IT as vak aan te bied aan. Ons leerders is soveel meer tegnologies aangedrewe en dit is 'n spieëlbeeld van die vak. In inligtingtegnologie doen ons die DELPHI taal wat nou ook internasionaal bekend is.  Delphi word toenemend in die buiteland gebruik. In Delphi we do general programming skills, which consists of aspects like moving objects and basically creating your own website and facebook page. We also cover object orientated programming which means to incorporate the Microsoft Office baseline with delphi. The final aspect we cover in delphi programming is 2D arrays, for example placing people in selective seats the cinema.  These aspects covers mathematical skills, as well as scientific skills. At SHS we are proud to announce that in the subject IT we've had a 100% pass rate for the last 6 years.  In 2016 Tristan Sander-Hughes obtained 92% average for the subject in the IT finals. Join the SHS team for the ideal IT experience!
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