At the beginning of each year we always kick off with the athletic season, but for a hundred other learners it is Sing Song time. 

Sing Songs at SHS is like any other sport, while athletes run for their medals the Sing Song learners sing for theirs, that is why they are called singing athletes who use their voices to make their school proud.For these learners, Sing Songs is not just an opportunity for them to participate. It is what they look forward to every year. 

They enjoy singing out loud and not to mention dancing like they are featured in a music video. The year 2016 was the year history was made. Our singing athletes took home not only one but two titles for best school singing athletes and best ‘dirigente’. 

The odds were truly in our favour when we represented the Hunger Games’ theme. We blew away the other schools with our war cry, we stole the show with our dance moves to the Spanish song Algo Me Gusta. 

We had the judges’ attention from the beginning till the end. SHS singing athletes set the bar high with our Karlien van Jaarsveld’s ‘Geskeurde jeans’ dance.  Sing Songs has become a part of the learners and a part of the school, we continue to keep the spirit of cheer alive throughout the year, always ready for the next win. 

We are not just a group of a hundred individuals, but we are one BAKGAT family.